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Oh, Baby!

Where Have I Been?

Remember that time I was so excited to be “back” to blogging? I wrote about how much I was looking forward to posting more, keeping you updated and overall being a better blogger. And then I didn’t post for two months? Yeah… well, turns out, shortly after that post I found out I was pregnant! The captain and I will be welcoming a little girl this October and we could not be more excited.

I’m finally through my first trimester, and it was a rough one at that. I know so many fabulous moms who have had it worse, but nausea and sleepiness really make doing anything productive nearly impossible. And to the momma’s who already have one or more kiddos and face a first trimester like I did, I worship you. How do you do it!? Oh and those with full time jobs, bless you. I would have been fired. I would wake up, focus on all the things I had to do, and then went back to bed. I’ve gone through loads of Preggie Pops, B6, lemonade, and McDonald’s (of course – just when I was eating cleaner, the only thing I wanted was the worst food).

My cravings have been all over the place. One minute I want a cheeseburger, the next a bowl of cereal. I’m finally getting to a point where healthy foods are sounding somewhat appetizing and I’m eating watermelon by the pounds. I’m still super tired, but at least the nausea is becoming less frequent. I’ve always been one to love a good nap, so no complaints on that front. Thankfully, I’ve chosen a new career path that allows for the flexibility that I need and have an amazing husband who picks up the slack when I fall behind.

The Reveal

Around week nine, we took a Sneak Peek Test to find out early what the gender of our baby was. It was going to be weeks until we had a sonogram and we wanted something to keep us  excited through the next few weeks until we could visit the doctor. Within 72 hours, we received an email that told us it was a girl. I cried and cried. I am just dying to be a girl mom!

Our 12 Week appointment arrived and I was certain we’d see Joe, the best of the best. He would be able to confirm the gender, no problem. Joke was on us. With a very healthy heartbeat, no sonogram would be taken. So panic set in. What are we going to do!? We planned this sweet Easter reveal and now we won’t get our blood work back in time from the doctor to confirm the gender. But on Good Friday, we got the call… it was in fact, a healthy little girl!

So I preceded to make confetti eggs, and it was a task filled with patience and love. I bought real eggs, blew out the yolks, let them dry, painted them 5 times the color of each family members gender guess and then stuffed them with pink confetti. Thankful for a few episodes of Big Little Lies to get me through the hours worth of work.  IMG_1039

Then on Easter, we’d get our whole family together and crack the eggs and voila! They’d all finally know it was a girl and I could worry so much less about letting it slip! It was a great time and there was a confetti mess, but it was great fun.

IMG_2818 2


We cannot wait to be a family of four and Spencer is already keeping a very close eye on his Momma. I’m not sure what this will mean for blogging. I have yet to decide, but now that I’m buying a ton of new, more flowy, forgiving clothes, who knows, you may get a post a week or so!



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